Weekly COVID call: Peer Sharing on Racial Equity

June 4, 2020

On June 4th, ECFC’s weekly COVID-19 peer sharing call focused on Racial Equity.  We appreciate so many funders engaging in an honest way about how racial injustices manifest in early childhood and about philanthropic practices that exacerbate disparities. 

Discussion Themes:

Some these from our discussion that warrant further exploration by early childhood funders:

  • How can we address the funding disparities in philanthropy that cause
          groups led by people of color to be so under-resourced compared to their
          white peers?
  • How do our definitions of evidence leave out the knowledge and experience
          of Black people, indigenous people and other groups? How does a narrow
          view compound the existing disparities in funding for grantees that are led
          by Black and Brown people? How does it keep us from identifying and
          funding models that would work well for different children, families, and
  • We need new models in ECE and other services that bring Black children’s
          actual lived experience in the community into our work.  Silence on racism
          and color blind approaches are not working.
  • We need to look at how to ensure cradle-to-college pathways by examining
          insidious ECE practices like disproportionality in discipline, exclusionary
          practices, and “adultification.” 
  • Along with funding more groups led by Black people, we should look toward
          community organizations, grassroots organizations, and others that have
          not typically been funded by philanthropy.
  • We should use asset framing – the Black community has excelled against all
          odds and a backdrop of generations of racist policies.
  • How do we support the agency of the workforce – especially educators of
          color? How do we work with teachers, especially White teachers, to increase
           their competency in anti-racist practices? How do we deal with the racial
           inequities and pay gaps in the EC workforce, among many other things?

ECFC’s Racial Equity Workgroup will put forward plans for how we can move in our individual philanthropic organizations and collectively.  

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If you would like to learn more about ECFC’s Racial Equity Workgroup, please connect with ECFC