Emergency Funds and the ECE Sector: What We are Learning

April 16, 2020

Co-hosted with Grantmakers for Education

As part of ECFC’s weekly COVID-19 call series, this call explored early childhood related state and national emergency funds to learn more about how private philanthropy is involved, how funds are prioritizing needs/grants and thinking about immediate needs vs. long-term sustainability, and what lessons we’re learning about the needs of those applying for emergency grants.  As part of our discussion we considered the extreme demand for these and other funds, demonstrating that private philanthropy cannot sustain the ECE sector on its own, and how private philanthropy can partner with public funding to ensure a more equitable and sufficient response to needs.

Featured emergency funds:

Related Resources:

ECFC’s tracking chart of local and state ECE emergency funds, and analysis of the reach and limits of privately funded emergency efforts.


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