RCCF Grantees

2020 Grantees

Alabama Institute for Social Justice [Website]

  • Mission: To create a state where economic, political, and social equity exist for everyone, achieved by: mobilizing communities, setting and acting upon a racial equity and social justice policy agenda, and creating peace through racial reconciliation and healing.

Colorado Children’s Campaign [Website] [RCCF Grantee Profile]

  • Mission: To advocate for the development and implementation of data-driven public policies that improve child well-being in health, education and early childhood. 

SPACEs in Action (Washington, DC) [Website]  [RCCF Grantee Profile]

  • Mission: To help people step into their power through leadership, training, grassroots organizing and by creating safe spaces for people to learn and grow.

2019 Grantees

Parent Voices, a part of the California Child Care Resource and Referral Network
[Website] [RCCF Grantee Profile]

  • Mission: To make quality child care accessible and affordable to all families through a parent-run, parent-led grassroots effort.

9to5 (Georgia) [Website] [RCCF Grantee Profile]

  • Mission: To build a movement to achieve economic justice, by engaging directly affected women to improve working conditions.

Coalition for Social Justice (Massachusetts) [Website]  [RCCF Grantee Profile]

  • Mission: To bring together people affected by and concerned about poverty to advocate for economic opportunity.

Mothering Justice (Michigan) [Website] 

  • Mission: To build a coalition of well-equipped mother activists — mamavists! especially women of color. 

ISAIAH (Minnesota) [Website] [RCCF Grantee Profile]

  • Mission: To promote racial and economic equity through intentional, intensive leadership development and collective, faith-based actions that work toward systemic change.

OLÉ Education Fund (New Mexico) [RCCF Grantee Profile [Website] 

  • Mission: To partner with working families in New Mexico to develop grassroots community organizing capacities that they use to enrich and empower their communities.

Alliance for Quality Education (New York) [Website] [RCCF Grantee Profile]

  • Mission: Mobilizing communities across the state to keep New York true to its promise of ensuring a high quality public education to all students regardless of zip code.

Ohio Organizing Collaborative (Ohio) [Website] [RCCF Grantee Profile]

  • Mission: Building community power for social, racial, and economic justice in Ohio.

Family Forward (Oregon) [Website] [RCCF Grantee Profile]

  • Mission: To advance economic security for women and families, with a particular focus on improving economic security for mothers.