Taking on Child Poverty

On March 29th, the Children, Youth and Family Funders Roundtable hosted a discussion on the child benefit package included in the pandemic relief bill which has the potential to cut child poverty by more than half (from 6% from 14%) in 2021, according to the Center on Poverty and Social Policy at Columbia University (CPSP).

This webinar explored:

  1. Why child poverty is important and its impacts on children
  2. How it is measured
  3. Issues of equity and opportunity related to child poverty
  4. How the stimulus bill works to reduce child poverty
  5. What funders can do to leverage the bill in their communities and make these changes permanent

Access the recording here.

Related: The Potential Poverty Reduction Effect of President Biden’s Economic Relief Proposal, CSSP Poverty & Social Policy Fact Sheet.  This fact sheet provides a projection of the poverty reduction effect of a set of policy elements within President-Elect Biden’s proposal for economic relief that could cut child poverty in half in 2021, including: enhanced Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits, unemployment benefits, family and child care tax credits, as well as direct cash payments and an increased minimum wage.