Show+Tell 2: Solving the US Crisis for Accessible, Affordable and Quality Child Care

June 10, 2020

Co-Hosted by ECFC  

Early care and education is in need of bold solutions to these systemic challenges.

Across the country, the United States is experiencing a child care crisis only made more acute by the coronavirus pandemic. Families face affordability, access and quality issues that often leave them with few viable options. At the same time, increasing costs and demand for care has not led to higher wages for caregivers who struggle to earn a living wage.

Show+Tell 2: Solving the US Crisis for Accessible, Affordable, & Quality Child Care is an exciting two hour event showcasing innovation in the field including creative cross-sector partnerships, unique family child care networks, and new applications of technology.

Hosted by Promise Venture Studio, ECFC, Campaign for Grade-Level Reading, Imaginable Futures, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, and Valhalla Charitable Foundation, Show+Tell aims to support connections with innovative ventures (both for- and nonprofits) alongside a diverse audience of impact investors, philanthropists, government organizations, practitioners, researchers, and experts across the field.

Keep the Momentum Going 

  • Show+Tell featured ECFC’s Raising Child Care Fund (RCCF). On July 1st
          RCCF hosted a follow-up deep dive for funders, watch the recording and find
          other related information in the Deep Dive archive.
  • All of the content from the June 10th event is now available on
          the Show+Tell follow along website.
  • Just like the live event, you can submit feedback or request to be
     to any of the ventures featured in Show+Tell. 
  • Check out the Innovation Glossary for a broader view of innovation in the
          area of child care access, affordability and quality.