ECFC Racial Equity Workgroup Townhall Meetings – Aug 11 & 25

In 2019 the ECFC Steering Committee assessed progress toward ECFC’s vision of equitable opportunities for all children and concluded that race equity should be a learning and practice imperative for members. As a first step toward this priority, ECFC held our first deep dive with members at our September 2019 member meeting to explore and unpack the intersection of historical context, our personal experiences, and racial equity. We also began to grapple with our power as “gatekeepers” in philanthropy and its implications within early childhood.

We left that meeting even more committed to continuing to develop a plan for race equity within ECFC with the guidance of our Racial Equity Workgroup, chartered by the Steering Committee, and including the active participation of 12 foundation members, representing the diversity of ECFC membership.  

The Workgroup is supporting three related domains of work: learning, foundation practice, and collective action, at the intersection of at least two disparities – the racial disparities for children, families, and early childhood practitioners AND the long-standing disparities in philanthropic funding for groups led by and working with people of color. While we recognize that these racial disparities intersect with other important disparities, we have intentionally used a racial equity analysis, centering those most impacted by ongoing, systemic racism. 

Given the renewed calls for racial justice and our commitment to Black children and families, we are excited to share the action steps for the next phase of work, which includes four tactics to deepen individual, institutional, and collective race equity practice. 

On August 12 and 25, 2020, ECFC’s Racial Equity Workgroup hosted two virtual Townhall meetings for ECFC Members to learn more about these tactics and discuss ideas for how we move forward together.