ECFC Racial Equity Learning Series for Members

ECFC is partnering with School Readiness Consulting (SRC) and Liberated Development to present a series of five (5) virtual learning opportunities for ECFC members this Fall. Topics will build on the learning approaches identified in our 2019/2020 framework for addressing racial equity, and based on feedback from our September 2019 2-day ECFC Members Meeting and our more recent town hall gatherings as to what content is most useful and timely.

Upcoming Dates/Topics

Wednesday, December 9th
3pm – 4:30pm ET
Session #5 – Th
e Elephant in the (Board) Room: Naming and addressing the barriers to advancing racial equity at the intersection of early childhood and philanthropy

Throughout each of the prior sessions, we will make space to identify the complex systemic barriers that often arise when we talk about advancing an equity agenda in early childhood and in the field of philanthropy writ large. This final session will be an opportunity to engage in proactive conversations that: inspire individual, organizational and collective responsibility; surface real opportunities to challenge unjust and unhelpful norms; and break through the barriers of guilt, helplessness, and blame.



  • All staff of ECFC member foundations are invited to join us.  Each session is 90 minutes in length, will be held on Zoom, and may include up to 30 minutes of pre-reading or reflection that will be provided by SRC at least one full week in advance of the session.
  • These sessions are designed to be a series, so participants are encouraged to attend as many of the sessions as possible.   We also understand that many of us are facing compound personal, family, and professional challenges at the moment, and some participants may need to be selective about which sessions they will attend. However, we would like to acknowledge that this is important work for all of us, and that there are no “spectators” when it comes to challenging conversations about racial equity in our work. Therefore, what we do ask is that as you commit to attending a session, you also commit to completing any pre-reading and reflection and being fully engaged and present during the session (i.e., refraining from multitasking, turning on your video, speaking up as an active participant, etc.)


ECFC Members login to view archives for previous events in this series including:

  • Why Race? Why Now?: Making the case for a racial equity focus in philanthropy at this moment in history | October 7, 2020
  • Doing the Most Good: Leaning into our power and responsibility to drive a racial equity agenda in the early childhood space | October 21, 2020
  • Post-Election Discussion | November 4, 2020
  • Partnership Reimagined: Building asset-based, racial equity-informed community and grantee relationships | November 17, 2020

Members can also visit our Member-Home page for links to our Racial Equity work to date. For assistance with member log-ins, contact Rena Large.