Value of Philanthropic Collaborations


 A research study from The Bridgespan Group summarizes findings and lessons from a literature review of more than 150 academic research papers, practitioner blogs, and published articles and reports, as well as syntheses of field-specific research on the value of philanthropic collaborations.



Are Funder Collaboratives Valuable? A Research Study, discusses characteristics and functions of philanthropic collaborations, including:

  • What kind of impact Colalboratives can achieve;
  • Investment theses and their distinctive value propositions;
  • Operational implications;
  • How Collaboratives can set themselves up for success;
  • How Collaboratives incorporate diverse perspectives; and
  • Factors contributing to success.

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ECFC’s State & Local EC Funder Collaboratives project is tracking and compiling research such as this study on the value and role of funder collaborations, and specifically early childhood funder collaboratives.  Learn more about the Collaboratives Project.