ECFC Committees

ECFC programming thrives thanks to the efforts of our members who lead and serve on standing and ad hoc committees which support the Steering Committee and staff on implementing ECFC programming and priorities. Committee participation is open to staff of any ECFC member foundation. 

Steering Committee – In partnership with the ECFC Executive Director, provides governance and leadership to ECFC on: implementation of its strategic plan, supporting and sustaining work of ECFC work; operational and planning support; and creating an environment supportive of member engagement.

Program Committee – Provides guidance on annual programmatic and content priorities, weaving together themes across ECFC bi-annual meetings, committee work, and special projects to maintain coherent programming that meets the needs of members.

ECFC Meeting Planning Committees – Provides guidance for bi-annual meeting planning including theme, speaker and agenda development, and often facilitate sessions or take on other roles during meetings.

Membership Committee – Sets membership priorities to increase the diversity and strength of our membership; helps recruit, welcome and orient new members, and assists in implementation and refinement of membership guidelines.

Ad Hoc Committees – Ad Hoc committees are formed to build knowledge and advance philanthropic work for specific, time-limited projects, events, or needs. 

Finance Learning to Action Workgroup 
This ECFC member committee provides an entry point for discussions among ECFC members on early childhood financing (including exploration of mechanisms, costs and existing or future funding streams). Recognizing financing is multi-faceted, the Committee provides a structure for exploring intersections with multiple priorities for ECFC and members. Read more…  

Raising Child Care Fund (formerly the ECFC Child Care Policy Interest Table) 
In 2017, ECFC convened an ad hoc committee focused on policies affecting child care access, affordability, and quality with an emphasis on building support for public financing for child care. Initially coming together around common interests, the group examined gaps in the field, and identified a way that people could come together to fill a gap around grassroots organizing while deepening learning on grantmaking practice. In 2019, the committee cycle culminated and evolved into the Raising Child Care Fund (RCCF). Read more about RCCF…

Early Relational Health Committee
This ECFC member committee is focused on strengthening parent/caregiver – child relationships from a relational/interaction frame in every setting where these relationships are present (home, early learning, health care, etc.). The workgroup members believe that this frame is a core piece of what families need to support children’s healthy development and long-term success.  Read more about the ERH Committee’s scope and function…

Racial Equity Workgroup
This workgroup was established by the ECFCs Steering Committee to examine the ways that ECFC can advance racial equity in early childhood services and early childhood philanthropy, a high priority area of our mission and vision.  The workgroup will devise a strategy to address racial equity through three approaches – Learning, Practice and Collaborative Action.  Learn more…

For more information on committees, please contact your committee chair(s) directly or contact ECFC staff.