ECFC provides opportunities for cross-pollinating funder efforts in order to build philanthropic capacity in early childhood and spread funder resources, practices and expertise to make existing state and local early childhood investments more effective. 

National Funder Collaborations

ECFC connects with other national funder collaboratives addressing early childhood related issues and priorities in order to connect ECFC members to other collaboratives to share and learn from each other.  For more information on opportunities for partnership and cross-learning and sharing between ECFC and other national funder collaboratives, contact ECFC staff.

State and Local EC Funders Network

ECFC provides a forum for state and local early childhood funder collaboratives (Collaboratives) to:

  • Build capacity among Collaboratives to support their
          funder members’ early childhood interests.
  • Share national level information and expertise with state
          and local early childhood funders; and
  • Create connections between national, state and local
          philanthropic expertise for peer learning in geographic
          regions where they are funding or partnering.

Collaboratives Capacity Projects:

ECFC maintains a listserv for local and state early childhood funder Collaboratives to connect with each other and provides  special website content for Collaboratives (requires log in permission). Collaboratives interested in participating in these capacity projects (including listserv participation, access to special website content, and eligibility to participate in related events), should contact ECFC. 

Collaboratives Directory:

ECFC maintains a directory of state and local early childhood funder Collaboratives.  Directory profiles are comprised of Collaboratives participating in ECFC’s Collaboratives projects, and other Collaboratives identified through our exploration of where EC funders are working together. Collaboratives partners login to view full Directory details.

View the Collaboratives Directory

Participate in the Directory