ECFC provides opportunities for cross-pollinating funder efforts in order to build philanthropic capacity in early childhood and spread funder resources, practices and expertise to make existing state and local early childhood investments more effective. 


National Funder Collaboratives

ECFC connects with other national funder collaboratives addressing early childhood related issues and priorities in order to connect ECFC members to other collaboratives to share and learn from each other.  For more information on opportunities for partnership and cross-learning and sharing between ECFC and other national funder collaboratives, contact ECFC.

State & Local EC Funders Collaboratives – Capacity Projects

ECFC provides a forum for state and local early childhood funder collaboratives (Collaboratives) to: build capacity to support their funder members’ early childhood interests; share national level information and expertise with state and local early childhood funders; and create connections between national, state and local philanthropic expertise for peer learning in geographic regions where they are funding or partnering. See below for current forums for state and local Collaboratives.  For more information on becoming part of our state and local EC Funder Collaborative network, contact ECFC. 

 State & Local EC Funder Collaboratives Directory

ECFC maintains a directory of state and local early childhood funder Collaboratives.  Directory profiles are comprised of those participating in ECFC’s Collaboratives projects, and other Collaboratives identified through our exploration of where EC funders are working together. Collaboratives partners login to view full Directory details.  [View Directory]  [Participate in Directory]


Collaboratives Listserv

ECFC maintains a listserv connects state and local Collaboratives with each other on topical issues as well as operational and structural issues. All staff and members of local and state Collaboratives are welcome to participate. The listserv uses a Google Group platform (operates as email list for all, and as web-based forum to view group messages if you use Gmail as your email address/platform).  [Join the Listserv]


Funder Collaboratives Library

The Collaboratives library (Google Drive) is a fledgling project compiling resources, tools and reports related to funder collaborations (and where possible, specifically EC funder collaboratives) on topics such as operations, best practices and lessons learned.  [View the Library]  [Contribute to the library or request sharing permission]

Website Content

ECFC develops website content related to Funder Collaboratives, and offers a Collaboratives partner login to view the full Collaboratives Directory and related content.  Primary staff and consultants of state and local EC Funder Collaboratives (this includes foundation staff providing support to a Collaborative) may request Collaboratives-Only access to the website. Each login is unique, please do not share your login with other colleagues. For assistance with Collaboratives log-ins, contact: Rena Large.