Local & State EC Funder Collaboratives

ECFC provides opportunities for cross-pollinating funder efforts in order to build philanthropic capacity in early childhood and spread funder resources, practices and expertise to make existing state and local  early childhood investments more effective. 

Through its State & Local Collaboratives work, ECFC provides a forum for state and local early childhood funder collaboratives to:

  • Connect with other Collaboratives around the country to share with and learn from each other;
  • Share national level information and expertise with local and state early childhood funders; and
  • Create connections between national, state and local philanthropic expertise for peer learning in geographic regions where they are funding or partnering.

Get Involved


Get Acquainted 

On September 25, 2018, ECFC hosted a Get Acquainted Webinar with Local & State Collaboratives to explore ideas for networking and learning from each other.  Click here for the event archive.

Local & State Collaboratives Directory

In April, 2018, ECFC launched a Directory project to connect local and state early childhood funder Collaboratives (Collaboratives) to each other and to other funders interested in the cities, regions and states where Collaboratives are working.  Directory profiles are comprised of Collaboratives participating in the ECFC Directory project and others identified through our exploration of where EC funders are working together through formal and informal Collaboratives.

• View the Collaborative Directory

• Participate in the directory


Collaborative Listserv

ECFC provides a listserv forum for Collaboratives to connect with each other on topical issues as well as operational and structural issues. To join the Local & State EC Funders Collaboratives listserv, click here.