Valhalla Charitable Foundation

Member Listing

  • Areas of Interest:
    Early Care and Education
    Early Childhood Health and Mental Health
    Parenting and Family Engagement
  • The Valhalla Charitable Foundation supports organizations to measurably improve learning and life outcomes - helping people realize their full potential. Valhalla has four areas of focus: early childhood, K-12 education, medical research, and environmental innovation. Valhalla considers early childhood (from prenatal through age five) to be its primary area of focus, with a goal of dramatically improving rates of Kindergarten readiness and a particular focus on low-income children and children of color.
  • Our Reason for Joining ECFC:

    Valhalla values learning and collaboration. We have a lot to learn, and we will have more impact if we learn from others who are working and have been working in this field.
  • Where we fund:

    We fund nationally.


    What we are working on now:

    We have funded a few field-building initiatives, including Promise Venture Studio, the IMPACT initiative at the University of Oregon (focused on early childhood measurement), and NewSchools Venture Fund's early learning accelerator. We have a particular interest in early childhood measurement.