Trust for Learning

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  • Areas of Interest:
    Early Care and Education
  • Trust for Learning is a funder collaborative that works with a variety of grantmakers to accelerate the supply of high-quality early education programs and build public demand for the best that the field has to offer—we call this Ideal Learning. The Trust invests in convening early learning providers, education leaders, and grantmakers to share ideas on how to scale and collectively advocate for the value of Ideal Learning. It supports the development of research and tools to improve practice, and funds place-based projects to expand access to quality programs. As a grantmaking collaborative, our funding model enables us to leverage resources and share ideas, rather than working in silos toward the same end. Our approach empowers funders to contribute resources in whatever way makes sense to them. Some fund alongside the Trust, while others pool their contributions and ask us to manage the funds on their behalf. Our partners each sit on our board of advisors, contributing both financial and intellectual capital. The exchange of ideas and the refinement of strategies are integral to our work and impact.