Robins Foundation

Member Listing

  • Areas of Interest:
    Early Care and Education
    Family Economics Success
    Two-Generation Strategies and Approaches
    Elevating Quality of Teaching and Learning in EC Settings
  • Belief Statement:

    To lead transformational change in the greater Richmond community by listening, learning, and engaging through innovative philanthropy that inspires solutions to society's greatest challenges.

  • Our reason for joining ECFC:

    To collaborate with and learn from other early childhood funders towards a goal of fundamentally changing early childhood systems to be equitable and high-quality, and to allow all young children and their families the opportunity to thrive

  • Where our work is focused:

    The greater Richmond, VA region, with a willingness to fund statewide organizations whose work ultimately impacts Richmond


    What we want to work on with our peers:

    Re-thinking early care & education policies from the ground up, so that it is universally accessible, affordable, and high-quality, with a well-compensated and sustainable workforce.