Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Member Listing

  • Areas of Interest:
    Early Care and Education
    Early Childhood Health and Mental Health
    Family Economics Success
    Home Visiting
    Parenting and Family Engagement
  • We believe that all families deserve the opportunity to raise healthy kids from the start – no matter where they live, how much money they make, or where they are from. We strive to support families, educators, health care providers, and other caring adults as they create safe and healthy settings where kids can grow, learn, and succeed.

  • Our reason for joining ECFC:

    ECFC provides a chance to (a) understand trends occurring in the field; (b) build relationships with different kinds of funders; and (c) provide insight on effective philanthropic practice.

  • Where our work is focused:

    Nationally, as well as in local communities in Alaska; Hudson, NY; Illinois; Indian country; Lodge Grass, MT; New Mexico; North Wilkesboro, NC; Palm Beach County, FL; Plymouth Ave. corridor in Minneapolis, MN; San Diego, CA; South of Market neighborhood in San Francisco, CA; and multiple localities in the state of New Jersey, such as Camden, Newark, New Brunswick, and Vineland. 


    What we want to work on with our peers:

    We'd like to explore advancing family supportive policies (including but not limited to child care), shifting narrative and catalyzing local, state, and national actions toward a shared value for all kids and their families (e.g. shifting from “my kid” to “our kid”). We are also developing a strategy around family engagement / parent leadership broadly, and would like to better understand what other funders are doing in this space and lessons from this work.