Robert R. McCormick Foundation

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  • Areas of Interest:
    Early Care and Education
  • McCormick's Education Program catalyzes efforts to help Illinois' most vulnerable children to succeed through school, college, careers and life by ensuring the best possible start, beginning at birth.

    While committed long-term to building a strong early childhood system in Illinois the Robert R. McCormick Foundation is also continuously adapting to changing political contexts, new leadership, and emerging opportunities to innovate.

    The Education Program’s developmental target is the first eight years of life. We aim to build upon state efforts to develop a more seamless, well-functioning and effective early childhood system. Our strategy focus of leaders, teachers and families also incorporates support for one of the strongest early childhood policy and advocacy networks in the nation.

  • What we're working on

    • Ensuring that Illinois' youngest residents arrive at kindergarten fully prepared to thrive in school.
    • Supporting all children to be on track in literacy and math by 3rd grade.