Maher Charitable Foundation

Member Listing

  • Areas of Interest:
    Early Care and Education
    Early Childhood Health and Mental Health
    Family Economics Success
    Parenting and Family Engagement
    Racial Equity
  • Our mission is to improve vulnerable children's life chances by increasing their opportunities to access high quality early childhood education in New Jersey.

  • Our reason for joining ECFC:

    We joined ECFC to augment the impact of our investments by coordinating/partnering with others, to learn about new and effective strategies for achieving our goals, and to affect federal and state policy.

  • Where our work is focused:

    Statewide across New Jersey


    What we want to work on with our peers:

    We're interested in exploring advocacy for improved financing and funding, professional development systems that include increases in compensation, and creating a seamless system from birth through age 8 and avoiding creating conflicts between advocates for Birth to 3 and PreK expansion.