Einhorn Family Charitable Trust

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  • Areas of Interest:
    Early Care and Education
    Early Childhood Health and Mental Health
    Parenting and Family Engagement
  • Our mission is “Helping People Get Along Better.” Our vision is to live in a country where people of different beliefs and backgrounds work together with openness and kindness to solve our nation’s most difficult social problems.

    EFCT seeks out and invests over the long-term in a diverse group of partners who leverage evidence-based approaches that provide opportunities for individuals to develop and practice empathy and inclusivity at every stage of life through nurturing environments, supportive relationships, and formative experiences. In early childhood, when parents and primary caregivers provide consistent and responsive care to young children, they create nurturing relationships that are critically important for healthy development. Just as a child learns to speak through listening and being spoken to, they also learn to be caring and empathic through nurturing and dependable acts of kindness and love. Our partners are implementing strategies to strengthen these bonds at the earliest stages of life, setting children up for success in school and beyond.

  • Our reason for joining ECFC:

    We joined ECFC for the opportunity to share and glean learnings, particularly with a policy lens. Networking to foster potential collaborations.

  • Where our work is focused:



    What we want to work on with our peers:

    • Supporting parents – through health care and other settings – with evidence-based strategies that foster a strong and positive emotional connection between parents and children.
    • Finding opportunities for parents to build relationships with other parents of different backgrounds, recognizing that "parenting" is a shared experience.


    Ask us about:

    • Parent-Child Relationships/Nurture
    • Build Relationships Among Families Across Lines of Difference
    • Nurture Science Program: This research program at Columbia University Medical Center is developing and testing positive ways to improve the bonding between parents and children.