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  • Areas of Interest:
    Early Care and Education
    Early Childhood Health and Mental Health
    Parenting and Family Engagement
  • No matter who we are, how we live, or what we believe, we all share a deep, instinctual need and capacity for human connection and belonging. It’s at the core of our shared humanity — and baked into our DNA. And yet, today as we navigate the realities of a global pandemic, economic crisis, and racial justice reckoning, we face a deeper challenge that lies at the heart of all others — a crisis of human connection. All around us, more and more Americans are living in isolation, loneliness, anxiety, and fear. And our economic, political, and social systems are making it worse — by pushing us further apart and eroding our faith in our institutions and each other. Today, we face a simple and inescapable truth: we cannot solve our nation’s most complex and urgent challenges unless we see, hear, and understand each other first. To help meet this moment, in September 2020, the Einhorn Family Charitable Trust announced a new mission, vision, and strategy as Einhorn Collaborative. As we begin this new chapter, we are more dedicated than ever to the belief that human connection is foundational to our individual and collective thriving. Visit the Einhorn Collaborative website for more about our new focus areas: Bonding, Bridging, and Building — three interdependent, mutually reinforcing strategies guiding our work. Across every generation, our ability to work together in common purpose has fueled our greatest achievements and safeguarded our progress in times of challenge and change. It is now time for all of us to lead this work today. It’s because of you that we feel more prepared and committed than ever to realize the power of human connection in our nation – and to work together to see our humanity in a new light.

  • Our reason for joining ECFC:

    Belonging to ECFC connects us to other funders as well as other funder groups of which we are not a member but have overlap with our portfolio (e.g., Grantmakers in Health). ECFC is a helpful platform for learning from others, sharing the work of our grantee partners, and building support and collaboration for advancing mutual goals, particularly through the new ECFC workgroup focused on early relational health. The policy angle will become increasingly important to Einhorn Collaboratives’s strategy in the coming years; being a member of ECFC gives us a streamlined way of monitoring and potentially influencing federal, state, and local policy.

  • Where our work is focused:



    What we are working on:

    The central focus of our early childhood work is embedding measurement and practices in healthcare to support parents in establishing, maintaining, and repairing emotional connection with their children. To this end, we support the spread of tools developed and validated by the Nurture Science Program at Columbia University Medical Center. We also actively participate in the Pediatrics Supporting Parents funder collaborative to address barrier removal and systems changes that will help pave the way for greater spread of emotional connection measurement and practices.

    What we want to work on with our peers:

    Influencing health policy nationally and locally to support early relational health. Training of health care providers in early relational health.