Medicaid and Wealth Inequality: Meet the Researcher – Naomi Zewde

Webinar – March 19th

Hosted by the Children, Youth and Family Funders Roundtable in partnership with ECFC, Economic Opportunity Funders and Grantmakers in Health.

Does Medicaid have an impact on whether poor families can stay in their homes? What about on poverty rates? How has Medicaid expansion affected families experiencing poverty?

Learn all of this and more with Naomi Zewde! Naomi is an Assistant Professor of health policy and management at the Graduate School of Public Health & Health Policy at CUNY.

During this webinar:
  • Learn about Naomi’s research on Medicaid’s economic security impacts
  • Discuss ways for funders to get involved
  • Ask your questions!

March 19, 2020
2pm-3pm ET