The Pandemic’s Impact on Families, Children and Early Educators

On May 28th, ECFC explored the impact of the pandemic on families with young children and how organizations are working with families and parents to ensure culturally relevant responses to families. (ECFC Members Login to view recording)


  • Phil Fisher, Director of the Center for Translational NeuroScience, 
    of Oregon, Rapid EC Project, a weekly survey of a nationally
    representative samples of families with at least one child age of five. 
  • Power-PAC Illinois parent team member, Shontiesha Floyd, and Parent Chair of the Early Learning Strategy Team, Yolanda Williams, shared how the pandemic is impacting their own families and the parents they work with. 
  • Linda Melton Mann, President of the Mid Hudson (NY) Affiliate of the  National Black Child Development Institute shared how the pandemic is impacting Black families and how NBCDI affiliates are working in     communities to support families. 

Speaker examples of culturally relevant responses to families:

Power-PAC Illinois

  • Yolanda Williams PPT on Power-PAC IL’s early learning COVID-19 work: early intervention, parents at the table, and parent to parent outreach.
  • ‘Fighting for Our Families’ platform calls for parents to have a meaningful seat at the table in developing short-term relief measures and long-term solutions so that all families can succeed. [English]  [Spanish]
  • COVID-19 Community Resource Guide (Chicago Area) [English] [Spanish] 

National Black Child Development Institute (NBCDI)

  • Learn more about how BCDI-Mid-Hudson works with churches, schools and  other community organizations to improve the quality of life for Black      children and families.
  • Learn more about the National Black Child Development Institute’s (NBCDI)
     early care and education focus
    , and connect with  NBCDI affiliates in over 20 communities across the country to learn more about their work with families.

Families with Young Children

Low-Income Workers with Children

  • Researchers at Barnard College and Duke University had a real-time survey of low-income service workers with children in the field as the coronavirus hit. The results show terrible impacts on wages and emotional distress.

Early Childhood Education Workforce