Growing the Early Childhood Development Funder Community

February 20, 2020 – Webinar Dialogue hosted by ECFC, Silicon Valley Community Foundation’s Center for Early Learning and Promise Venture Studio

The momentum of interest and investment in early childhood development (ECD) is growing among philanthropists across the country! While that’s great news for children and families, there is still a ways to go before ECD enjoys a quantity and ubiquity of investment commensurate with the social ROI it creates. What will it take to keep this momentum growing?

Silicon Valley Community Foundation’s Center for Early Learning (CEL) conducted an online survey and several interviews with current high-investment funders of early childhood development (ECD) to understand the motivations behind their giving. Interviews were also conducted with funders who are currently investing in older youth and K-12 education but not in children, birth through age five. CEL’s aim with this research is to encourage new philanthropists to target their giving to issues that impact young children and their families and inform the early childhood nonprofit field on what key messages motivate the philanthropic community to invest in early childhood causes.

Building upon CEL’s insights, Promise Venture Studio conducted additional research to further understand the challenges and opportunities funders see in building a more robust and inclusive community of investors in ECD initiatives. Through surveys and focus groups with 100+ funding organizations, Promise identified specific areas of interest and distilled philanthropists requests for support to improve the ECD funding ecosystem.

With insights from their research, CEL and Promise have come together to create resources and support programs for new and existing funders in early childhood development.

On this webinar, Silicon Valley Community Foundation’s Center for Early Learning and Promise Venture Studio talked with ECFC about their key findings and their plans to increase and support the early childhood funder community.


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