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EC Opportunities @ 2019 GFE Conference

Grantmakers for Education, 2019 Annual Conference

Supporting Students in Overcoming Adversity: Agency, Justice, Equity

October 22-24, 2019, New Orleans

Grantmakers for Education’s 23rd annual conference will be held in New Orleans under the theme Supporting Students in Overcoming Adversity: Agency, Justice, Equity. GFE is taking inspiration from the students who lived through Hurricane Katrina and the subsequent overhaul of the education system. Local successes and challenges will stimulate national conversations about transforming education, from birth through postsecondary success. Drawing on brain science and the latest evidence, the conference will explore the social, emotional and academic dimensions of learning.  This theme affirms GFE’s commitment in our community to equity of opportunity and outcomes for students, especially those who have experienced trauma, racial injustice and disability. 

GFE Conference Registration Opens in July.

Early Childhood Related Conference Content:

ECFC will promote early childhood and young children related content at the conference to members and partners.  Members and partners with accepted EC related sessions at the conference can alert ECFC to include in conference promotions. Email ECFC to alert us to EC related sessions.