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Funding for Early Childhood Care and Education

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About This Project

Since 2006 private foundations in the U.S. have made grants of more than $6 billion towards improving early childhood care and education, reflecting a deep commitment to the importance of supporting children and their families during this critical developmental period in their lives.

This mapping project, developed in partnership with the Heising-Simons Foundation, provides both funders and practitioners alike with a birds eye view on where that funding has been concentrated during the last ten years, where there may be gaps – whether geographic or programmatic – that may need to be filled, and who exactly has been at the funding table.

In addition to mapping the data around grantmaking on this subject we have also taken a deeper dive into the existing evidence around two trending topics in the field, family engagement and professional development. Working with researchers from the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute, we have summarized findings about the types of interventions and approaches that have led to positive outcomes for children.

We welcome you to use this tool in helping to shape your funding and programmatic decisions and encourage you to share it with colleagues who could also benefit from it.

What Can I Learn?

Who is funding work around…

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  • Where is funding for early childhood care and education concentrated geographically?

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  • How does state-level funding compare to children’s math proficiency in early grades?

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  • How does philanthropic funding compare relative to poverty levels in my state, county, city?

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How much funding is focused on…

  • Capital and infrastructure * $507.8 M VS Leadership and Professional Development * $149.6 M
  • Program development * $3 B VS Policy and Early Childhood Systems * $475.5 M
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Deep Dives on Special Topics

These findings are the result of a systematic review of evidence around two key areas of activity in the field of early childhood care and education. The review was led by a team from the Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute at the University of North Carolina.

Professional Development Interventions and Outcomes

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Family Engagement Interventions and Outcomes

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To access additional research on this or other topics related to early childhood education we encourage you to check out the federally funded Child Care and Early Education Research Connections database as well as the What Works Clearinghouse on Early Childhood.

* Data reflects private foundation funding from 2006-2016