ECFC Weekly EC Funders & COVID-19 Sharing and Learning Calls

ECFC Weekly Calls, Beginning Thursday March 26th @ 3pm ET

ECFC will be hosting weekly calls during which EC funders can share what they are doing and surface questions to which we can help respond. We envision a mix of calls featuring experts and funder sharing.


Any funder interested in this ongoing discussion may participate.  Register once for the series and attend any of the weekly calls.  Currently the series is set up through the end of May.

Call Series:

Weekly on Thursdays at 3pm ET, beginning March 26th.  

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ECFC is working with closely with partners (GFE, Alliance for Early Success, and others) to curate the most useful and concise information and resources for early childhood funders.

Find related resources on ECFC’s early childhood funders COVID-19 page.