ECFC Event

ECFC Post-Show+Tell Funder Discussion

January 17, 2020, 2pm-2:30pm ET

In January 2020, Promise Venture Studio will launch Show + Tell, the first of its kind online, interactive series showcasing the most promising innovations in early childhood development with the potential for scaled impact for children facing the greatest adversities.  Show+Tell 1 on January 15th will focus on Supporting Parents in the Earliest Years.  Local watch parties hosted in cities all over the country created an opportunity to build momentum locally around the featured ideas and innovations. Learn more about January 15th and local watch parties.


ECFC members and other interested funders participating in the January 15th Show + Tell are invited to participate in a brief post-Show+Tell discussion on January 17th to explore:

(1) How you are thinking about featured ECD innovations and ideas in your own state/local level work;

(2) Best ways for ECFC to share tools and opportunities on common interests emerging from the Show + Tell series.

Contact Rena Large for access information.