ECFC Child Care Policy Interest Table: Delving Deep on Child Care in the States

The Child Care Policy Interest Table is focused on policies affecting child care access, affordability, and quality with an emphasis on building support for public financing for child care. Many states have developed child care plans; the discussions are dynamic and there is an opportunity in this moment for funders to work in states to raise the importance of public funding for child care. This is a critical time for child care funders to affect policies that reach millions of families.

I have found the ECFC child care interest table to be a space where I can learn from and dialogue with other funders supporting the goal of increasing access to high-quality ECE. I’m hopeful that by coming together, we can leverage each of our foundation’s investments to have a catalytic and positive impact on ECE policy in the U.S.  
– Rebecca E. Gomez, Ed.D., Program Officer, Education, Heising-Simons Foundation

This group explores strategies at the intersection of policy, planning, communications, and organizing using states as laboratories to determine which actions have the strongest impact. Together, we:

  • Connect with field experts to stay in-the- know about changing federal policies affecting state child care systems, state funding efforts, how to raise the visibility of issues, and more,
  • Learn from each other’s expertise and strategies to leverage and replicate what’s working in states, and
  • Explore the myriad roles funders play to expand public financing of child care.

We are examining ways to act together through pooled or aligned funding. The Interest Table holds monthly calls the second Friday of every month at noon eastern.

You can contact Catherine Jahnes at to join the group or learn more about upcoming discussions.