Member & Collaboratives Meeting

ECFC Spring 2019 Member & Collaboratives Meeting

In March 2019, ECFC’s 2019 Spring Member Meeting took us on a deep dive into early learning system using the District of Columbia’s universal pre-K3 experience and pre-K4 expansion over the past decade as a case study, and exploring the lessons and strategy of the Bainum Family Foundation and other public and private partners to build a comprehensive framework for early learning using a systems approach.  

Through a series of in-depth site visits, keynote presentations, and breakout sessions intended to explore different components of an early learning system through the lens of cross-sector experts from across the District, the meeting considered: how funders and public and private partners in the District are working to build its early care and education (ECE) system; and lessons from this work that early childhood funders can apply to their own work in other cities, regions and states.

ECFC also hosted its first meeting for state and local EC Funder Collaboratives in conjunction with our member meeting.


This is a selection of related and recommended reading on the context of DC’s early childhood system.  For full archives/links for this meeting contact ECFC.

DC Context Recommended Reading:


Elizabeth Groginsky, Assistant Superintendent of Early Learning for the District of Columbia’s Office of State Superintendent of Education


Breakout Session 1: Public-Private Partnerships
[Speaker Bios] [Session Slides]

  • Noel Bravo, Senior Director of Strategic Research and Partnership, Bainum
    Family Foundation (Facilitator) 
  • Bonnie Mackintosh, Director of Policy Planning and Research, Division of
    Early Learning, Office of State Superintendent of Education 
  • Gail Govoni, Director, Office of Early Learning, United Planning Organization 
  • Syrita Robinson, United Planning Organization HUB Project Manager  

Breakout Session 2: Birth-to-Three Policy 
[Speaker Bios] [Session Slides]

  • Marlana Wallace, Formerly at DC Fiscal Policy Institute (Facilitator) 
  • Carrie Thornhill, President, DC Early Learning Collaborative  
  • Jess Giles, Deputy (Education) Committee Director 
  • Osa Imadojemu, Deputy (Health) Committee Director    

Breakout Session 3: Research and Evaluation 
[Speaker Bios] [Session Slides]

  • Nisha Sachdev, Senior Director of Evaluation, Bainum Family Foundation
  • Brenda Jones-Harden, Professor, University of Maryland’s College of
  • Pyper Davis, Executive Director, Educare DC 

Breakout Session 4: Facility Funds to Support Quality 
[Speaker Bios] [Session Slides]

  • Arrealia Gavins, Senior Manager of Early Learning Practice, Bainum Family Foundation (Facilitator) 
  • Bevin Parker-Cerkez, Senior Director of Early Childhood Education, Reinvestment Fund 
  • Natalie Renew, Senior Managing Director of Education and Family Services, Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC) 
  • Muluwork Kenea, Business Business Owner/Family Child Care Educator, Amen Family Child Development 

Breakout Session 5: Coalition Building and Campaign Work 
[Speaker Bios] [Session Slides]

  • Sara Watson, Senior Director of Policy, Bainum Family Foundation
  • BB Otero, President, Otero Strategy Group 
  • La Don Love, Director of Organizing, Safe Places for the Advancement of
    Community and Equity in Action (SPACEs In Action)