Strengthening Early Relationships and Social and Emotional Health

Our Fall 2019 member meeting began with a pre-session hosted by ECFC’s Early Relational Health Committee exploring two innovative models and approaches to supporting the infant and early childhood mental health and well-being of babies, infants, and toddlers by fostering and strengthening relationships between parents and other caregivers and very young children starting prenatally and through the first few years of life. 

The presentations lifted up the role of philanthropy in launching these efforts and in leveraging public support, scale and sustainability. ECFC members from Illinois, Washington State, and New Jersey discussed how they are building out these models in their states. 


Full Agenda

Model 1: Community-Based Doula Program Panel
Panel Slide Deck

Model 2: Cross-System Mental Health Consultation Panel
Panel Slide Deck

Meeting Attendees:

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