ECFC Fall 2018 Member meeting: Building Early Education Opportunity Through Cultural Equity, Hawaii Study Tour

November 5 – 7, 2018

ECFC’s Fall 2018 meeting took members to the island of Oahu to explore the rich and deep experience of private philanthropy in Hawaii, working in an unusually diverse, multi-cultural society.

The Study Tour provided a unique and in-depth learning opportunity exploring the role of race, gender, class, culture, health and language in designing solutions for early childhood, education and care and family strengthening; and the translation and application of lessons learned to other states and multi-cultural communities.

Hosted by the Samuel N. and Mary Castle Foundation, in partnership with Kamehameha Schools and the Hawaii Community Foundation, the Study Tour  featured in depth tours and interactions with local funders and early childhood programs.


ECFC members log in for agenda and archived summary of links and speakers/sites information.  Foundation guest attendees, please contact ECFC staff for post-study tour information.


ECFC member Al Castle, Chief Executive Officer and Treasurer of the Samuel N. and Mary Castle Foundation, Honolulu HI, shares more about the history and role of philanthropy in building early education opportunities in Hawaii, and what early childhood funders can expect to learn from the Hawaii Study Tour. Read the Q & A and Recommended Reading  on the history and role of philanthropy in Hawaii.


Early Childhood in the State of Hawai’i- Inspiring Focus on Cultural Equity, Inter-generational Change, System Change, and Most Underserved Children– A Reflection from the ECFC Hawai’i Study Tour by Isabelle Hau, Investment Partner, and Vinice Davis, Venture Partner, Omidyar Network .


Lessons from Hawai’i: Cultural Equity Spurs Deeper Child Learning & Development, GFE 2019 Annual Conference workshop co-hosted by ECFC & W. K. Kellogg Foundation, featuring Samuel N. and Mary L. Castle Foundation and Omidyar Network.