COVID-19 Resources for EC Funders

COVID-19 Resources for EC Funders

The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the fragility of our nation’s early childhood and care policies and systems, and has widened and deepened the disparities in health, education, child care and basic needs among families with young children.  ECFC has prioritized the role of funders in responding to the basic/immediate needs of grantees and families in their communities, while looking to long-term sustainability strategies partnering philanthropy and public funding to ensure a more equitable and sufficient post-pandemic response to the early childhood and child care needs.  

Guiding Principles for EC Funders During the Pandemic (Updated May 2020)

Link to our full analysis of these guiding principles (or click on individual principles below).  [Printer-Friendly Version]

Emerging EC Sector Needs & Investment Opportunities

Based on what we heard in 2020, and keeping in mind our guiding principles, the following are some areas of need that emerged that continue to be areas early childhood funders may wish to consider.  Additional or different needs may emerge.  Link to our full analysis of why these are critical needs and opportunities for funders to address these needs (or click on individual needs below).


Key Resources for EC Funders

Impact of COVID-19 on moms, babies, and young children

Advocacy & Real-Time State Action Resources 

Federal Actions & Updates

 What Happens Next?