EC Funder Collaboratives Project Update & Website Content Tour

ECFC Events – December 10 & 12, 2019

In 2018, ECFC launched a project to connect state and local early childhood funder collaboratives (Collaboratives), in order to create connections between national, state and local philanthropic expertise for peer learning in geographic regions where they are funding or partnering. 

Collaboratives Project initiatives have included a meeting of EC Funder Collaboratives in March 2019, and ECFC website content and a special log in for Funder Collaborative partners.

ECFC will host two opportunities for an update on the EC Funder Collaboratives project, a brief tour of Collaboratives focused website content, and discussion on quarterly call dates and topics for 2020:

Tuesday, December 10th at 10am -11am ET

Thursday, December 12th at 2pm – 3pm ET

If you would like project updates and more information on Collaboratives Project and website content but cannot join in either of these call/tour options, please email Rena Large for alternate options.


ECFC members and EC Funder Collaboratives log in to register.  For questions about website logins or participation in these calls, please contact Rena Large.