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    In the spring of 2015, leaders at three statewide New Hampshire philanthropic foundations, Endowment for Health, New Hampshire Charitable Foundation and New Hampshire Children's Health Foundation, began meeting monthly to discuss their mutual concerns about the dearth of policy successes and strong advocacy organizing capacity in the state. While the foundations already benefited from strong and longstanding relationships, their funding style was best described as mutual; an acknowledgement of co-funding efforts or entities but without any shared vision or objectives. During a particularly difficult state budget session, it became evident that a new model was needed. In particular, these funders understood that enhanced policy and system-wide investments were necessary to better support the needs of New Hampshire’s children and families. This led the three foundations to make a formal commitment to work together under the name “New Hampshire Funders Collaborative”. Their collective and agreed upon aim is to more efficiently deploy their resources, with the primary goals of filling an anticipated policy leadership vacuum in NH and creating a stable advocacy infrastructure for promoting the health and wellbeing of the state’s most vulnerable residents. Funding priorities include early childhood.
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