Child Care Advocacy in a Post-COVID World: #3 Lessons from Different Fields

June 1st: ECFC Co-Hosted Webinar

Session #3 in a webinar series co-hosted by The Robins Foundation, Save The Children Action Network, and the Early Childhood Funders Collaborative, designed to spark new, transformative thinking for the Commonwealth and the nation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the vital importance but extreme fragility of the nation’s child care policies, including those in Virginia. Our best case scenario cannot be returning to the failed and broken child care system that existed before the world ever heard of coronavirus. This is the time to set course for a different future, one where all of Virginia’s children and families – and those in other states as well – have the opportunity to thrive.  

In this third webinar in the our series, we explored lessons that child care advocates can learn from successful statewide advocacy campaigns in other fields.

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