Racial Equity

In 2019 the Steering Committee assessed progress toward ECFC’s vision of equitable opportunities for all children and concluded that race equity should be a learning and practice imperative for members. As a first step toward this priority, the September 2019 ECFC member meeting explored the intersection of historical context, our personal experiences, and racial equity. We also began to grapple with our power as “gatekeepers” in philanthropy and its implications within early childhood. ECFC has prioritized Race Equity as a frame for all of our work at the intersection of at least two disparities – the racial disparities for children, families, and early childhood practitioners AND the long-standing disparities in philanthropic funding for groups led by and working with people of color. While we recognize that these racial disparities intersect with other important disparities, we have intentionally used a racial equity analysis, centering those most impacted by ongoing, systemic racism.