Building Parent & Practitioner Power in Child Care


When it comes to child care conversations, too often the voices of parents and practitioners are left out, especially parents and practitioners of color.

On July 23rd, ECFC and the Robins Foundation were joined by speakers from three of the ECFC’s Raising Child Care Fund (RCCF) grantees to learn about how they are centering and lifting up these critical perspectives in order to successfully advocate for change.

RCCF Grantee Speakers:

OLÉ in New Mexico  [RCCF Grantee Profile]

  • Mathew Henderson, Executive Director
  • Alma Martell, Organizer

Alliance for Quality Education in New York [RCCF Grantee Profile

  • Marina Marcou-O’Malley, Policy and Operations Director
  • Kristina Andreotta, Organizer

Ohio Organizing Collaborative  [RCCF Grantee Profile

  • Jasmine Henderson, Community Organizer