Areas of Interest

Priority Areas

All of the priority policy issues that face us as a nation have children and families at their heart. Restoring a thriving economy, reducing poverty and improving opportunity, creating living-wage jobs, accessing affordable health care, building a vibrant education system, reforming the immigration and criminal justice systems, and combating global warming to build a sustainable future – are all intricately related to the well-being of children and families. By bringing early childhood issues to the top of the domestic policy agenda, our country can fulfill the promise that every young child brings into the world and fulfill our promise as a nation. ECFC’s programming priorities key areas of interest that have critical policy, as well as practice, implications. Explore our priority areas below.

Family Separation’s Impact on Children

Grantmakers Concerned with Immigrants and Refugees (GCIR) Monthly Policy Call April 18, 2019 This monthly call dived deeper into how family family separation has been experienced by …